Posted by: Trizzo | August 4, 2009

The great mobile handset pricing scam

Yesterday I had a little time on my hands, and my phone crashed on me for about the 100th time this week so I decided that it was time to look at a new phone.

For me the choice was simple, the new Apple Iphone 3G S has just been released and it’s looking pretty tasty (apart from the reported heat issues – .  So having had a play around with one of the handsets I set off looking for the best bargain.

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Posted by: Trizzo | August 2, 2009

Understanding is a three edged sword

Considering this is my first post I’ve thought long and hard about what should be in here, and I’m sure from reading other blogs that others have generally started with something along the lines of  ‘Hi my name is Bob and I’m a plumber’ as well as many other fascinating facts, but I’m going to begin with one of my favorite quotes and motto’s:

‘Understanding is a Three Edged Sword’ the saying itself comes from a 90’s Sci-Fi series called Babylon 5, which I used to watch as a kid (oh dear giving a hint of my age there).
The series itself is fantastic and worth watching, but anyway….

The quote itself reminds us that the truth can sometimes be a matter of perspective and how important it can be to be open minded and consider all the facts of a situation. Read More…

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