About Me

Nestled between a historic cultural city dating back to the Roman age and a somewhat less affluent urban town, lies a small country village sited in the South West of the UK.  Just outside this village, halfway up a hill is a small cottage.  The cottage itself is under 100 years old roughly and was built as a foremans cottage to a near by popular stone quarry (the stone being popular).   The quarry has long since closed in the late 60’s.

The cottage overlooks a valley filled with grass fields populated by cows surrounded with hedgerows and woodland, with another small village dotted across the horizon with a church as the only item reaching up against the horizon. 

As I sit on the first floor of the cottage, overlooking the valley at dusk and typing the contents of this page I am in my 23rd year of existence, thus making my year of birth as 1986.  For people who would like to know my name, that is not something I would like to make public, but Trizzo will suffice.  It has been a rather fond nickname of mine for many years and I can safely say that it has been one of the better ones!

From an early age I have always had a fairly healthy interest in reading, first I was fascinated by childrens detective books such as The Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes. From these my first dream career as a private detective was born and for many years that was my chosen career until other influences drew away my attention towards my current career.  Whilst my taste in authors expanded from these few authors to include Dan Brown and Sir Terry Pratchett recently, who is in-fact my current firm favorite with over 20 of his books on my shelf, I still enjoy reading detective novels and have just started re-reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works.

Another childhood obsession that I still enjoy is Science Fiction, starting from the late original series of Star Trek, Star Trek TNG and so forth through the franchise, to Stargate SG1, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars etc.  It is slightly strange, but I partly think that episodes of Star Trek TNG that I was exposed to at a young age influenced my morality and open-mindedness on life in general and in part I thank the creators for this.  However I don’t expect to be beaming up anytime soon!

 From my two main interests I have recently started exploring my creativity in writing short stories, some of which I hope to post on this blog at a later date and get some feedback on.  I have found the process quite enjoyable so far but difficult in getting the words down!  Anyway keep an eye out.

 In regards to my career I work in the IT profession and have been interested in PC’s since my early teens.  From this interest I pursued this to College and from there into work.  I currently work as a Systems Administrator for a company, responsible for a great many things.

 My other interests also include Keeping Fit, PC Games, Cinema, Food (in all of its glorious creations, apart from Celery) and just generally living life.

Note: As a fan of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Character Sherlock Holmes, one of his famous motto’s is that the smallest details are the key to deducing theories to suit facts.  I would be interested if anyone from the first two paragraphs could deduce roughly where I live.  Answers in an e-mail please.

I hope you enjoy my blog and will visit again.



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