Posted by: Trizzo | June 30, 2010

It’s never easy loosing a friend

Recently I logged into Facebook and noticed that the number of friends that were in my profile had dropped.  I’ve never been the most popular person to start with, with only around 140 people added, in comparison to others who manage to have around 500 odd (how you can have that many really doesn’t make sense to me).

Anyway I found out who the person was and as it turns out it was someone who I hadn’t spent a lot of time with in a few years and generally we only hung out when with certain people.  The situation was a little more complex than this but this is all I will say.

However despite the fact that I havent seen or spoken to them this year I still feel bad about loosing contact with them.  It means that yet again another social connection to another person has been lost.  I can speculate as to why they have removed me from FB but however because they have removed me it means that they have actively made the decision to do this and that makes it feel a little bit worse.

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