Posted by: Trizzo | June 9, 2010

Who are you? What do you want?

They sound simple enough questions, don’t they?


Are they some of the most important questions that will ever ask in your life?

Lately I’ve been thinking, about my life and where it’s leading (more on that another time) and I became pre-occupied with thinking about those two questions.  The first of them, ‘Who are you?’ especially, or rather ‘Who am I?’  I started trying to define in my mind and on paper who I am; a writer, a poet, a romantic e.t.c and as I wrote my mind started focusing, rather pessimistically, on the negative side of my personality such as; I’m overweight, i’m single e.t.c.  But as I wrote this all down and finally looked at the result of half an hours scribblings, it felt, empty, sure I’d written a lot down, but it certainly felt empty and quite negative.

Who Are You?

So I went on a quest for greater understanding, a quick google search turned up a couple of interesting entries from Life 2.0 and Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi’s teachings regarding self enquiry (links below). Gradually after reading through the articles I began to think and partially realise that who I am cannot be defined in terms of writing down various factors of who we are.  In fact all I had written down was various parts of what my ego said I was, and writing down exactly who I am is quite impossible.

The part of me that defines who I am, isn’t the voice in my mind that said earlier as I was writing ‘you’re a great man’ or ‘your single and fat’ that’s simply thought, transitory in nature and comes from our ever-changing mind with its volatile and ever-changing patterns.  However the fact that these thoughts exist and then go again show the path to who we really are, the observer, which watches the thoughts taking place and decides what should stay, get acted on and what shouldn’t.  It makes its decisions, and is defined by, every experience that has occurred in my life until now, and will continually evolve based upon the experiences, decisions and consequences of my next day, and the next and so forth, until the day I die.

Additionally the part of my mind that generates the thoughts such as ‘I am great’ is driven by my ego, created by the compliments and success of the events of my life, which can ultimately lead to thoughts of failure and unworthiness.  From what I have read ego can be one of the singly biggest ways of being unable to achieve what we all really want.

What do you want?

When you think of the question, what comes into your mind? Success in your job? A beautiful wife / husband? A fast car? World domination? are these things really what you want, or are they simply your ego exerting its influence onto your mind?

There’s mention of this in the teachings of self enquiry as well.  And when I read this I knew it to be true.  As true as it is that the Earth revolves around the sun.  What everyone wants in their lives, every single moment, is happiness, pure and simple happiness.  Not the happiness we get from being successful at our job over others, not happy because of the new car we’ve just bought or in fact any external reason.  But happiness that comes from within.

Still lakeClosing thoughts

I don’t know if anyone will ever read this or how useful it might be for others who ask the same of themselves.   But to me it seems that thought and ego, whilst they may not define who we are does play a significant part of who we are still plays an important part of our lives.

Thoughts occur in order to help us make decisions or think through a problem and allow our observant part to make a decision.  Or in contemplation to help us realise the need for change in our lives.  Ultimately before going on this search I thought ‘Who Am I? What do I want?’

Our Ego, the part of us that makes us wants things in order to be successful and externally happy, whilst it should be watched like a hawk and reduced significantly in many people on this Earth it still plays it’s part in creating thoughts that give us an uplift in confidence.  But thoughts that prompt us to act, which are generated by our ego need to be carefully observed, not directly acted upon and our mind prompted to transcend such thoughts into acts that are not particularly aimed at impressing others.

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  1. As for me, this writings is very significant and I believe many will benefit from. I believe you have written from your heart as I felt great love for you though I don’t understand why. You have a big heart and let us rejoice from that.

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