Posted by: Trizzo | May 26, 2010

It’s been a while…..

It’s a funny thing about time, one minute  your waiting for the kettle to boil and remembering the proverb ‘A watched kettle never boils’ and the next minute (proverbially speaking) your finding that the kettle has boiled dry!

Much the same has happened with my blog.  One minute were in November and the next it’s nearly June and the gap in-between is as barren as the space between galaxies.

But now with the small heat wave in the UK over and the gentle pattering of rain against my window, I believe its time to brush off some of the dust and try to breathe (although i find trying to do both at the same time a little difficult and generally a lot of coughing occurs) some new life into this old girl and see if I can’t really make a go of it.  Globally blogging is somewhat an ailing pastime already as younger bloggers prefer to micro-blog using social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but I just seem to prefer blogging.

So once more into the breach dear friends?….I hope so.

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