Posted by: Trizzo | November 3, 2009

Why I love rain…

Well OK lets face it, nobody likes BEING IN the rain, when your in the rain trying to get somewhere and getting soaked the only thing you can generally think about is getting out of the rain; or suddenly being reminded why you should have got new shoes last week because these have a big hole in the bottom…

No the title of this post should have been more along the lines of… ‘ Why I like listening to rain’ or ‘Boy does rain make me feel alive’ but anyway.

I was sat down in my study, just listening to some music and reading something online when i reached the end of my playlist and silence fills the room, I listen for a moment and I can hear the fans on my laptop whirring quietly, the sound my lamp makes when it’s on dim and finally the rain outside.

I pause from my reading and walk to the slightly open window I left to let some air in and sit next to it. My nostrils taking in some of the chilly november air, making my senses tingle and taste the falling rain, the freshness of it, clearing out the air thats been getting stale close to the ground and somehow rejuvenating it. 

 The air flowes and tenses the pores on my face and opens my sleepy eyes.  I see  the wood outside my window, the mix of pine, ash and hazelnut trees now laid bare from a recent autumn storm, a few straggeling leaves gliding through the air to join their kin on the floor of the wood.  The few evergreens that keep hold of their precious color all year-round, their tips swaying in the wind in an almost hypnotic swing.

And I listen, my ears no longer burdened by music or the sounds of electricity; to the gentle pattering of rain on the slate roof becoming the background notes of the symphony that my senses have only just tuned into.  Gradually I start picking out new notes, droplets of rain falling on the metal garden chair below, the plants in the garden, branches in the trees, the bucket thats gradually filling  and the gentle flowing of the collecting notes of the background flowing down the metal guttering making a gentle trickling sound.  If you listen carefully enough the sounds become more clear and the various verses of the song take form.  Then totally unbeknown to you at the time, everything that is going on in your life just melts away for a while, your muscles relax and you just sit there simply listening to the rain without a care in the world…

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