Posted by: Trizzo | August 12, 2009

Removing Links from a Casio Edifice EQW-500BE Watch

A few months back I purchased a watch from an online store, a Casio Waveceptor EQW-500BE.  The watch arrived and I eagerly tried it on only to find that that the watch strap was nearly twice the size of my wrist. So my only course of action was to remove some chains.

I first looked online to see if I could find any help on the process for doing this, but I couldn’t find anything that was really relevant for this kind of watch, so I’m going to post the process I used in-case anyone else wants to know how to do this.

Firstly I’m going to show you what holds each link together, after that the rest should be pretty straight forward.

link componants

a. Watch Links, b. Metal Pin for holding both links together, c. metal c clip (very important)


Firstly measure roughly how many links you need to take out of the watch, if you need to remove more than two I’d recommend removing the first two pins on either side of the watch clip, this will ensure that you can lay the watch flat to work on it, and that you can remove equal numbers of links on each side of the strap.  This will stop your watch looking lopsided.

 Unclip the watch and look at the back of the metal links, you will see on the back of most of the links a small arrow:

 Back of metal links

This indicates the links that you can remove and the direction in which you have to push the pin out from.  You will see if you look on top of the link above the arrow there will be a pin hole.

Removing the pins will be quite a time consuming process and will require a fair amount of patience so take your time when doing this and I’d recommend that you do this over a solid flat surface with a piece of paper on it so that you can catch the metal C clip if it falls out.  Use a thin pin such as a sewing pin or badge pin to push down the pin hole and gradually push the pin out on other side of the link, this will take some force but not a excessive amount.  When it gets to about half way you can use something like a pair of pliers to pull out the pin.  This will then release the link.  Once this is removed turn the watch over so that the metal arrows on the back of the link is facing upwards, then shake the watch once or twice to remove the metal c clip if it hasn’t fallen out already, once you have the clip, keep it safe as you will need at least one again later.

Repeat the procedure on the next link and links on the other side of the watch depending on how many you need to remove until you have removed the required amount. 

Once this is done you will need to reattach the links to reform the chain.  To do this you will need to insert one of the metal C clips back into the link before you pass the pin through it, this will hold the pin in place in the link and prevent it from falling out.  The C clip goes into the top of the middle section of a link as shown in the picture below with a yellow circle.

metal c clip

Then push the links together and push the pin back down through the link.  Voila!!


  1. Thanks everyone for making this post the top search in google for anyone who wants a guide in loosing those surplus links without the cost. Please can you give me some feedback on whether the article is instructive enough?


  2. Thank you very much – went to a jewellers who had trouble removing them but this guide helped! Well done

  3. Mission accomplished, thank you!

  4. Many thanks!! same procedure for mine, the Casio EQW-M710DB-1A1ER

  5. Thanks a lot for the guide. Just exactly what I need!


  7. Works for LCW-M170TD as well.
    Excellent instructions. Thank you.

  8. Thanks very much for this article. It was the clearest explanation I could find especially regarding the C clip, and let me adjust my strap myself.

    • Thanks Dazziod! Can’t believe this article from 9 years ago is still helpful 🙂

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