Posted by: Trizzo | December 8, 2010

The Start of the Christmas Spirit

To me when I start getting the first inkleing of the christmas spirit it’s because of 3 main things:

1. Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar

2. The Coke Advert

3. Raymond Briggs Father Christmas – Sadly hardly ever seen on UK TV now.

Happy Blooming Christmas

Looking at these three things again, some interesting conclusions could be levied against how commerical christmas has become.  But to me, when I see these three things, it does always bring that little christmas sparkle.

Posted by: Trizzo | August 19, 2010

Avoiding life through distraction

About 6 years ago I split up with what basically was my first love girlfriend. We’d been together for over 3 years and I was devastated when she broke up with me. Now I’ve moved on with my life since then and I’m well and truly over her. But one of the ways that I made through the long nights before I was over her was to watch films / TV series to distract myself from the emotional  turmoil that I was going through and its something that I realised that I still do today. When I get home from work I watch probably 3 hours of stuff off the TV, make my way through boxsets of Series of Scrubs / Babylon5/X-Files that sort of crap, plus playing computer games when I could have been doing something much more interesting, self improving and social.. . . . so why don’t I? Read More…

Posted by: Trizzo | August 15, 2010

I’m sorry, but can’t I write that down?

if you were to ask any of the two billion odd users of computers, some people would say they are a necessary inconvenience, others would say that they are a mild annoyance, and some would say that they are the bain of their lives and don’t see the point in them. I am of course talking about passwords.

And out of these two billion odd users if you asked them (and any readers of this blog) if their password has 8 or less characters in it, I wonder how may people would have to put their hands up? would you?  Well chances are if you have then your password is now apparently too short.

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Posted by: Trizzo | June 30, 2010

It’s never easy loosing a friend

Recently I logged into Facebook and noticed that the number of friends that were in my profile had dropped.  I’ve never been the most popular person to start with, with only around 140 people added, in comparison to others who manage to have around 500 odd (how you can have that many really doesn’t make sense to me).

Anyway I found out who the person was and as it turns out it was someone who I hadn’t spent a lot of time with in a few years and generally we only hung out when with certain people.  The situation was a little more complex than this but this is all I will say.

However despite the fact that I havent seen or spoken to them this year I still feel bad about loosing contact with them.  It means that yet again another social connection to another person has been lost.  I can speculate as to why they have removed me from FB but however because they have removed me it means that they have actively made the decision to do this and that makes it feel a little bit worse.

Posted by: Trizzo | June 10, 2010

Americans – Hate BP, not us Brits

“BP shares suffered another difficult day as attention turns to the possible impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the UK’s image in the US.

The oil giant’s shares closed down 6% in London after earlier plunging 12%.

The UK government has played down fears expressed by some senior figures of “anti-British rhetoric” in the US.”

Source: BBC News –

 All week I’ve been hearing about “anti-British rhetoric” coming from America,  from the BBC website, to quotes from US Senators;

Anthony Weiner, a usually sensible Democratic congressman, declared:
 “Whenever you hear someone with a British accent talking about this on behalf of British Petroleum, they are not telling you the truth.”

Source: The Guardian –

 I sympathise with America, I really do, this disaster is massive and is going to cost billions of Pounds / Dollars to sort out and will have an impact for probably many years.  However what has disappointed me and frankly annoyed me slightly is how it could be implied by certain individuals that the UK is to blame in some respect.  May I point out that whilst BP started out as a UK company and was called ‘British Petroluem’ in 1954, it is now an international company, which changed it’s name following in 2001 to simply BP.  Maybe congressman Anthony Weiner should look up that subtle bit of history.

Additionally the facts about the explosion and the failed blowout preventer have yet to come to the surface (no pun intended).  It may interest others that BP didnt operate the rig – but a US firm did (Transocean), that out of 126 employees on the rig – only 6 were BP employees and that the failed blowout preventer itself was built by another US firm (Cameron),   I think before the US goes on a merry old witch hunt against BP, they should actually find out the facts of what actually happened first.  But they do have the right to blame BP on other matters, such as being ill-prepared and equipped to deal with the situation in the gulf of mexico.

The truth is going to take a long time to come out and whilst it is quick and easy to blame BP, considering their less than stellar record we should remember that just because it was a British company that not everyone is to blame.  After all did British politicians place blame on America for the sub prime loans that started the global recession only 2 years ago?

Posted by: Trizzo | June 9, 2010

Who are you? What do you want?

They sound simple enough questions, don’t they?


Are they some of the most important questions that will ever ask in your life?

Lately I’ve been thinking, about my life and where it’s leading (more on that another time) and I became pre-occupied with thinking about those two questions.  The first of them, ‘Who are you?’ especially, or rather ‘Who am I?’  I started trying to define in my mind and on paper who I am; a writer, a poet, a romantic e.t.c and as I wrote my mind started focusing, rather pessimistically, on the negative side of my personality such as; I’m overweight, i’m single e.t.c.  But as I wrote this all down and finally looked at the result of half an hours scribblings, it felt, empty, sure I’d written a lot down, but it certainly felt empty and quite negative.

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Posted by: Trizzo | May 27, 2010

Some Interesting Stats

Google Search Results

Google Search Results - Thanks Everyone

I was browsing through the word press stats today and found a couple of interesting bits of news:

1. By far my most popular post to date is my guide for removing links from a Casio Edifice watch, which now features as the first search engine result in google!

2. The busiest day on my blog was for the same post was guess on guess what date………………….. 25th December! Yep all those people who bought brand new Edifice watches and couldn’t wait to get those surplus links out.

It seems like this post is still the firm favorite, with most of the finite traffic that comes to my blog checking out this post.  But what I don’t know is quite how effective the post is, does it really help people?  Do I need to look at something more such as a video demo or anything like that?  So please tell me what you think!

Posted by: Trizzo | May 26, 2010

It’s been a while…..

It’s a funny thing about time, one minute  your waiting for the kettle to boil and remembering the proverb ‘A watched kettle never boils’ and the next minute (proverbially speaking) your finding that the kettle has boiled dry!

Much the same has happened with my blog.  One minute were in November and the next it’s nearly June and the gap in-between is as barren as the space between galaxies.

But now with the small heat wave in the UK over and the gentle pattering of rain against my window, I believe its time to brush off some of the dust and try to breathe (although i find trying to do both at the same time a little difficult and generally a lot of coughing occurs) some new life into this old girl and see if I can’t really make a go of it.  Globally blogging is somewhat an ailing pastime already as younger bloggers prefer to micro-blog using social sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but I just seem to prefer blogging.

So once more into the breach dear friends?….I hope so.

Posted by: Trizzo | November 3, 2009

Why I love rain…

Well OK lets face it, nobody likes BEING IN the rain, when your in the rain trying to get somewhere and getting soaked the only thing you can generally think about is getting out of the rain; or suddenly being reminded why you should have got new shoes last week because these have a big hole in the bottom…

No the title of this post should have been more along the lines of… ‘ Why I like listening to rain’ or ‘Boy does rain make me feel alive’ but anyway.

I was sat down in my study, just listening to some music and reading something online when i reached the end of my playlist and silence fills the room, I listen for a moment and I can hear the fans on my laptop whirring quietly, the sound my lamp makes when it’s on dim and finally the rain outside.

I pause from my reading and walk to the slightly open window I left to let some air in and sit next to it. My nostrils taking in some of the chilly november air, making my senses tingle and taste the falling rain, the freshness of it, clearing out the air thats been getting stale close to the ground and somehow rejuvenating it. 

 The air flowes and tenses the pores on my face and opens my sleepy eyes.  I see  the wood outside my window, the mix of pine, ash and hazelnut trees now laid bare from a recent autumn storm, a few straggeling leaves gliding through the air to join their kin on the floor of the wood.  The few evergreens that keep hold of their precious color all year-round, their tips swaying in the wind in an almost hypnotic swing.

And I listen, my ears no longer burdened by music or the sounds of electricity; to the gentle pattering of rain on the slate roof becoming the background notes of the symphony that my senses have only just tuned into.  Gradually I start picking out new notes, droplets of rain falling on the metal garden chair below, the plants in the garden, branches in the trees, the bucket thats gradually filling  and the gentle flowing of the collecting notes of the background flowing down the metal guttering making a gentle trickling sound.  If you listen carefully enough the sounds become more clear and the various verses of the song take form.  Then totally unbeknown to you at the time, everything that is going on in your life just melts away for a while, your muscles relax and you just sit there simply listening to the rain without a care in the world…

Posted by: Trizzo | August 12, 2009

Removing Links from a Casio Edifice EQW-500BE Watch

A few months back I purchased a watch from an online store, a Casio Waveceptor EQW-500BE.  The watch arrived and I eagerly tried it on only to find that that the watch strap was nearly twice the size of my wrist. So my only course of action was to remove some chains.

I first looked online to see if I could find any help on the process for doing this, but I couldn’t find anything that was really relevant for this kind of watch, so I’m going to post the process I used in-case anyone else wants to know how to do this.

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